Elise Hall, the “Saxophone Lady”, 
or How to Build America by Music (and Money)

Immerse yourself in her extraordinary history!

This is the first book about Elise Hall (and it is not for musicians -that too-, but for people who want to know a passionate story of courage and generosity, which also contains less kind episodes related to addictions, business, and rudeness).
Two parallel and independent editions, English or Spanish.
More than 150 pages.
More than 40 color images.
Quality paper.
ISBN (English edition): 978-84-09-49172-8
Este es el primer libro sobre Elise Hall (y no es para músicos -que también-, sino para personas que quieran conocer una apasionante historia de valentía y generosidad, la cual también contiene episodios menos amables relativos a adicciones, negocios y desplantes).
Dos ediciones paralelas e independientes, inglés o español.
Más de 150 páginas.
Más de 40 imágenes en color.
Papel de calidad.
ISBN (edición española): 978-84-09-48535-2

In 2024 we will remember the first centenary of her death.
Let's celebrate her life, example, and legacy!

José-Modesto Diago Ortega holds a PhD in Arts and Humanities from the Universidad de Cadiz, Spain. He is also Member of research group of Historia Actual of the University of Cadiz (GEHA-HUM315), Professor of Saxophone (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid), and Teacher of English as Foreign Language (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He works as a saxophone teacher at the Professional Music Conservatory “Manuel de Falla” in Cadiz. His current research projects are focused on some woodwinds and brasswinds of the nineteenth century in multidisciplinary perspectives: historical, legal, economic, cultural, and organological. He has published articles concerning Adolphe Sax and directed an acclaimed audiovisual documentary: SaxRevolutions: Adolphe Sax’s Life. He also leads a publishing project which aims to contextualize and bring forgotten saxophone scores of the nineteenth century to light.

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