Elise Hall is a strong pro-life conservative who has been a leading advocate at the State Capitol for lower taxes and less government waste. Elise Hall knows the values and concerns of the people of her district. Elise Hall has proven to be an effective state representative recognized for her uncompromising enthusiasm, tireless work ethic, and integrity above reproach. 

In the Legislature, Elise Hall has worked tirelessly to help pass more than 20 government modernization bills that will save an estimate $170 million over seven years. She is also actively involved in legislation to promote job growth and creation in our economy. 

Six years ago, Elise was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives as the youngest legislator in Oklahoma history. In that short time, Elise has proven to be an effective and enthusiastic representative for District 100, service as the Oklahoma House of Representatives Majority Caucus Vice Chair and the Economic Development, Commerce & Real Estate Vice Chair, as well as on the Appropriations & Budget: Revenue & Taxation subcommittee, Government Oversight & Accountability, and Public Health committees. 

I ran for office to give my neighbors a conservative voice at the Capitol, & I’ve remained dedicated to that goal. By staying true to my principles and attentive to the concerns of my district, I believe we are making a real difference for our great state. I appreciate the opportunity to serve, and will continue to fight for your values in the Oklahoma Legislature. I ask for your vote on November 8th.
— Elise Hall


Elise believes in making government more efficient by streamlining bureaucracies and modernizing outdated programs. She has been a leader in consolidating government agencies performing the same functions. For example, Elise voted to consolidate the law enforcement services of the highway patrol, bureau of investigation, and bureau of narcotics into one agency (HB 2864). Elise also voted to establish a central technology office for state government and modernize personnel management, resulting in millions of dollars in savings for Oklahoma taxpayers. 

Elise believes that people have a right to know what actions government officials are taking. Elise has voting to make government records more open and transparent (HB 2676). Elise believes in holding public officials accountable, which is why she voted to give parents a recall and removal procedure for a school district's board of education members (HB 3055).  Elise also championed establishing the Oklahoma State Debt Clock to publicly post online Oklahoma's bond indebtedness.


Elise believes in responsible tax relief not because of her political affiliation, but because she lives it on a daily basis. As a partner in her family's small business, she knows first-hand the struggles in making a business profitable, which is why she voted to end the state's burdensome business franchise tax. Elise supports entrepreneurs and seeks government solutions that encourage the investment of capital and opportunity. Elise understands that there is a legitimate role for taxes, but knows that a high tax burden makes Oklahoma less competitive in a global economy.

As a home owner, Elise supports keeping property taxes low and she was proud to vote to exempt 100% disabled veterans from the state's homestead tax. According to the Tax Policy Institute, Oklahoma has one of the highest sales tax burden's in the nation.

Elise is opposed to raising the state's sales tax, especially during tough economic times. She knows that increasing Oklahoma's sales tax will make it more costly for low-income families to to purchase basic necessities. Elise understands that raising our state's sale tax will also make it cost-prohibitive for local communities and schools to pass future bond issues, like Oklahoma City's MAPS programs.

Elise believes that government should use existing revenue and creating better efficiencies to fund new programs, before seeking to raise taxes on hard-working families. To this end, Elise has worked tirelessly to help pass more than 20 government modernization bills that will save Oklahoma taxpayers an estimate $170 million over seven years. Elise knows that the primary way to increase government revenue isn't though raising taxes, but rather through growing our economy and creating more jobs. Elise is committed to creating a prosperousOklahoma, marked by economic opportunity for all.


Elise believes that having a strong infrastructure is necessary to grow and sustain a vibrant economy. Elise served on the House Transportation Committee when they successfully led efforts to lower the number of structurally deficient bridges from more than 700 to nearly zero by 2019 by properly funding core infrastructure.


Elise believes that we must ensure Oklahoma students are afforded the finest quality education possible. Parents are best-positioned to decide their child's future and Elise believes in giving families a mosaic of options. Elise understands that families need more choice than a one-size-fits-all model. To that end, Elise has voted to provide flexibility to in graduation requirements to military families, grant access to quality schools for low-income students, and create educational services for students suffering from mental illnesses. A strong supporter of local control, Elise voted to end the failed CommonCore standards and Oklahoma's over-reliance on standardized testing. She trusts local communities to make decisions regarding curriculum and educational standards. Elise has voted to repel the state's unfounded mandates and grant public schools the same flexibility as charter schools. Elise has worked to direct as much revenue as possible to the classroom, including the withdrawal of $51 million from the rainy day for education. Elise believes that quality teachers play a vital in the future of our community. She understands the difference a good teacher can make in the life of a student. She has voted to modernize the alternative certification process based on best practices and provide refunds to teachers who successfully re-pass certification tests. In addition, Elise strongly supports teacher pay raises. She has proposed providing teachers with a pay increase of $5000 by using existing funds, instead of raising taxes.


Elise believes in the importance of safe and stable neighborhoods. She supports the rule of law and believes in tough prosecution for violent offenders. Yet, Elise understand that we must be smart in our approach to criminal justice reform, which is why she voted for a package of bills that will help to reduce our overcrowded prisons by improving access to drug courts (HB 2479), creating more successful diversion programs (HB 2753), and giving prosecutors better tools in handling non-violent offenders (HB 2472, HB 2751). Elise voted for legislation that will help to keep drunk drivers off our roads (HB 3146) and reduce the number of uninsured motorists (HB 1792). Elise also voted to address the problem of domestic violence in Oklahoma by giving district attorneys better legal tools (SB 1491) in prosecuting abusers. Unfortunately, Oklahomans know all too well the horrors associated with terrorism, which is why Elise voted to modernize the state's terrorism prevention (HB 1276) laws to stop terrorists before they act. Elise also voted to create a "Blue Alert" public notification system (HB 2747), which will notify communities when a violent criminal who has targeted a police officer is on the loose.


Elise has championed market-based solutions for affordable healthcare. She believes every Oklahoman should have access to the best care, which is why she said "No" to Obamacare. Elise believes Obamacare expands a broken system rather than fixing it and would bankrupt Oklahoma in the same way it has Washington D.C. Moreover, as part of the implementation of Obamacare, President Obama wanted eliminate the successful employee-sponsored Insure Oklahoma program. Elise stood with other state leaders in negotiating a successful extension of the program, which ensured that thousands of hard-working Oklahomans continued to received access to affordable health insurance. Elise voted for the rural residency program, which expanded access to doctors for those living in rural or underserved areas (HB 3058). In 2016, Elise voted to increase funding in the state budget for the Oklahoma Health Authority, including the state's SoonerCare program. 

Elise believes that improving Oklahoma's delivery of mental health services should be a top priority. Like so many Oklahomans, Elise was heartbroken by the death of former state Labor Commissioner Mark Costello. Sensing a call to action, Elise voted for the 2016 Mark Costello Act (HB 1697), which will allow families to petition the courts to place loved ones suffering from mental illnesses into treatment before tragedy strikes. Elise also voted to provide healthcare coverage children diagnosed with autism (HB 2962).


Elise believes that life begins at conception and she is a committed 100% pro-life legislator. She voted to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and voted to require physicians to allow a mother to hear the heartbeat of her child before an abortion is performed.


Elise believes in the fundamental right of all Americans to keep and bear arms. Elise has voted for a number of proposals aimed at strengthening our gun rights. Most recently, Elise helped champion legislation which will create a statewide ballot initiative in 2016. The initiative will bolster our rights to use a firearm for personal defense, hunting, and recreational use by clarifying the Oklahoma Constitution (HJR 1009).